Common Dental Emergencies Kids can Experience and what Parents can Do

Children love to explore and enjoy the outdoors. But, while spending time outside is healthy for them, it offers an opportunity for accidents. For instance, they may catch a strong pitch in the mouth during a ball game. This can happen so parents must know what they should do. Below are some common dental emergencies and how you should react when your child experiences any of them:

Severe Toothache

If your child experiences a severe toothache, schedule a dentist visit immediately. Before that appointment, you can use some home remedies to help subside the pain. For instance, have your little one wash their mouth out with warm saltwater to soothe the pain and sterilize the infection. You can also ask them to brush their teeth with good a toothpaste. Learn some
tips about picking the best toothpaste for kids here. If swelling occurs, apply an ice pack or a cold washcloth to the affected area. Also, give your child an age-appropriate pain medication such as Ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Even if all of these remedies help in relieving your child’s pain, you still need to go to the dentist appointment. A toothache occurs for a reason and you want to get that cause addressed right away.


Knocked Out Tooth

In case your child’s tooth is knocked out, look for it first. If your child lost a baby tooth prematurely, there is a possibility that their permanent tooth will come in crooked. But, you can prevent this by fitting their mouth with a space maintainer. If your child lost a permanent tooth, you should take them to their dentist right away to get the right solution. Remember to bring the tooth. Bridges are great solutions for solitary missing tooth because they help in maintaining the natural smile of your little one.

Chipped Tooth

Although a chipped tooth can be repaired easily, it can be infected. A bigger chip can expose the dental pulp, increasing your child’s chances of dental infection. If you can still find the chipped tooth, keep it moist since a dentist may be able to bond it back to the tooth. But, if it is not possible to preserve the original piece to the tooth, the dentist can seal up the enamel to prevent a bacterial infection.

Although you may find it silly to preserve your child’s tooth, it is best to do it. The last thing your dentist will do is to pull it which could make their mouth looking lopsided. When this happens, your child may have developmental problems in terms of eating and speaking.

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