How to Save your Damaged Tooth

Just because you have a damaged tooth does not automatically mean you need to get rid of that tooth to eliminate the issue. While tooth extraction can seem like an easy and simple solution, you need to visit your dentist to save that tooth. Each of your teeth plays an important role in your oral health and functions. A missing tooth can lead to complications such as more tooth loss and reduced bone density. Before you worry about implant dentaire à quel prix, focus on saving your smile by consulting with your dentist right away. They will suggest some solutions for repairing your tooth.

What Happens when you Lose a Tooth

Tooth loss means a lack of the root which can result in the deterioration of the underlying jawbone. You are likely to lose up to 25% of the width of your alveolar bone during the first year. Over time, the bone’s volume, height, and width can reduce even further. While you may think this is a simple issue, it can cause changes in your facial structures such as a sunken aged look. In fact, it can also result in oral health complications.

With the reduced bone density, your remaining natural teeth will lose support. That is why they may start to shift toward the open space, making bite and alignment problems which increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Over time, the remaining teeth will become loose and fall out. As you lose a tooth, you will have a reduced ability to do simple oral functions such as chewing. As a result, you will need to forget about your favorite foods especially if they are hard to chew.

How to Save your Smile

If you want to void the complications of missing teeth, you must visit your dentist for the right solution. They will make use of a viable option to save your damaged tooth such as root canal therapy. This procedure involves extracting your tooth’s inner layer. It is meant to stop the infection and pain. The kind of treatment option that suits you depends on the severity of your tooth damage. But, if it is necessary to remove that tooth, it might be best to choose a dental implant. The implant is placed in your jawbone to replace the lost root. Once the site is healed, a crown is attached to the implant. The crown mimics the shape, size, and color of your surrounding natural teeth.

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