Insights on Wisdom Teeth Removal

So, your dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal, and you are feeling a little apprehensive about the procedure. Well, here is everything you need to know about wisdom teeth so that you can be prepared.

First of all, you are not the one who is going to extract a wisdom tooth. Yes, wisdom teeth removal is one of the most dreaded dental procedures for many Aussies. But, it is actually one of the most common dental procedures in the dentistry. In fact, a study has found that seven times more patients are hospitalised for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth in Australia than in the USA and UK.

Is it necessary to remove your wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth removal in Sydney becomes necessary when a wisdom tooth is impacted. As there is not enough space on the jawline to accommodate the new teeth, they get trapped under the gums and become impacted. Moreover, when they do not have enough space to emerge in, they tend to come it an awkward angle, or they don’t fully emerge, which leads to several dental problems. When an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed, it damages the second molars. This is one of the significant reasons why most of the dental professionals recommend wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

What can happen if you do not remove your wisdom teeth?

The primary reason to remove a wisdom tooth is to prevent them from damaging other teeth. If you do not remove your wisdom teeth, and if it is impacted, you may end up with several dental problems including dental decay, gum disease, teeth crowding, and jaw damage.

Impacted wisdom teeth are more likely to develop cavities, as the teeth are stuck in the gums or partially developed; it becomes more difficult to clean them. Bacteria can be trapped in the area around the wisdom teeth if there is a flap in the gums. Besides, you cannot fill the cavities in the wisdom teeth as they haven’t fully developed.

Ignoring your wisdom teeth increase the risk of gum disease. In fact, a survey examining 250 young adult patients who decided to keep their wisdom teeth found that about 60% of those patients had gum disease and a quarter of patients had stated their gum disease become worse over the course of two years.

A wisdom tooth that is ignored can cause severe damage to the jaw over time. So, cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is necessary to prevent them from causing any damages to the healthy teeth and jaw.

If you had braces to straighten your teeth as a younger teenager, removing the wisdom teeth as per your dentist’s advice makes sense. As wisdom teeth don’t have space on the jawline, they can push the existing teeth which undo the work of wearing braces.

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is affordable, and if your dentist has recommended having your wisdom teeth removed, it is best to act sooner than later.

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